Monday, June 11, 2007


There are lots of reasons to keep blogging, but lately I haven't felt the same way about it. I've tried to keep up regularly with my posts, to no avail. This is just the last priority on a list of things that keeps getting bigger. So this will be my last post for a while, until something truly blogworthy happens to me.

Also, I'll be in Wisconsin for a week, which guarantees no internet service. My parents are still in the stone age of dial-up, complete with modem noises. Pough is coming to Wisconsin to visit, which is even more fun, and I'm in love with him so every moment spent by his side is a blast.

I guess blogging was easier when I was miserable. Now that I'm happy, I don't want to rub it in. Or I'm just too busy enjoying myself.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Continual Craziness

This week for publishing people is insane, because the biggest book industry event/fair is this weekend: Book Expo America. Last night there were tons of book parties to kick off the weekend, and I went to the Warner party (technically the Grand Central Publishing party, since the publishing division of Time Warner was sold last year to some French company---but we all still call it Warner) and saw Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris lingering around....and met some terrific young agents, which is really important to me and my career since we'll "grow up" together and become super powerful together in about ten years.

SO. I hung out with my friend, the Karaoke King, and folks from his agency. It was a blast, and I ended up talking with a comic I knew from the Sherrod days (Remember that? It was around Memorial Day last year that I stopped seeing him, ironically) and she is going out with a book and loves me, so she introduced me to her powerful-and-cool agent who my old boss tried to buy a book from last year! It's a terrific feeling when a comic tells you that you're funny, by the way.

All in all, a fun night with free drinks practically the entire night (not too bad!). Especially since I spent the entire day working, not even breaking for lunch until 2pm (unheard of! I think this is the first time I debated whether or not I even needed lunch, I had so much work to do.) I am going to a brunch with one of my favorite authors today, which should be fun, and then heading off to the salt mines again before I come back uptown to go running (which may be ill advised since it's supposed to be a hundred degrees today. Just 90 really, but still!).

Tonight, I'm pumped because I not only get to go out with Pough, but also my gals Mishy & Kelly. We're going to see the Rock Bottom Remainders, a band comprised of bestselling authors, including Stephen King, Dave Barry and Amy Tan (how big of a dork am I?). Tomorrow, Mishy & I head to the actual Book Fair, and then I have to jump on Metro North, traveling to Poughkeepsie for a graduation party for Pough's sister. And lastly, there's the Mets game Sunday that we somehow have to get to Shea for.

I'm tired just thinking about it. But next weekend is fairly restful (I'm just having a birthday party--for myself--on the 8th in Central Park) to save up energy for the big bad trip to Wisconsin, which is freakishly close (two weeks from today!).

Ah, yes. Need to breathe. I'll be back with some crazy rants next week, where I try to finish everything on my plate before a much-needed vaca.